Being a kid.

7 Apr

Being a kid has been great so far. Being free and able to do as you please, except homework and the dreaded school. I am not sure what to say about school, I neither enjoy it nor do I hate it. It is a good thing to go, so you can earn money and have a good job and a big house (what my parents always say!) The only thing I hate about being a kid is you cannot earn money, all my friends moan too! Even money is not the key to a happy life, the world does not get by without money! However being a kid does have it’s advantages. After school I go down to the local park, trying not to get into any trouble, which I will be honest does not always work! Being a kid, you have much more free time to spend with friends and mucking about generally!

If you guys can remember your childhood, why not comment below your greatest memories?


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