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Being a kid.

7 Apr

Being a kid has been great so far. Being free and able to do as you please, except homework and the dreaded school. I am not sure what to say about school, I neither enjoy it nor do I hate it. It is a good thing to go, so you can earn money and have a good job and a big house (what my parents always say!) The only thing I hate about being a kid is you cannot earn money, all my friends moan too! Even money is not the key to a happy life, the world does not get by without money! However being a kid does have it’s advantages. After school I go down to the local park, trying not to get into any trouble, which I will be honest does not always work! Being a kid, you have much more free time to spend with friends and mucking about generally!

If you guys can remember your childhood, why not comment below your greatest memories?


Hello world!

6 Apr

Welcome readers to my first post and I thought I would list my interests and ideas . Please list the hobby/activity that interests you most in the comment section and I will be sure to look into it! First though, a quick paragraph to introduce myself to you all.

First of all, I am Year 7 (8th Grader). I have just started secondary school, and it has been great fun! I am an intermediate beatboxer, looking to get into competitions across the UK! I have been beatboxing for 7 weeks now, and have posted many tutorials onto YouTube, I will link the videos at the end of the blog! Also a great interest for me is writing books. I am very interested in WWII, consequently leading to some very lectured books! Courtesy of   Check him out!

Secondly, something that interests me deeply is being funny. As a life skill, I think everyone should have a sense of humour and know how to be funny. I have been told by many I have that asset. For instance, the cinnamon challenge! If you have ever watched this on YouTube, it is a large selection of people failing to swallow a teaspoon of cinnamon (If you try this you are mad or mad) I am mad (obviously) so have tried and failed many times. All these stupid things gather a huge audience on YouTube, it seem watching people suffer and be idiotic obviously entertains the YouTube community! As you have probably already realised, a big youtube following has always been a dream of mine. I’m not sure why, but entertaining people has always deeply interested me. Now, to finish up as I promised, the three links to my youtube beatboxing tutorials! Thank you for reading guys, please drop a comment and maybe even follow me!