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8 Apr

Now, for religious people, Easter Sunday is all about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. I’m not sure how all you people over-seas celebrate it, but in the UK most of us buy each other chocolate Easter eggs, and sometimes cards as well. I am all for this, however a growing number of people (especially in the UK) are not religious. I think this means celebrating Easter is becoming totally off the point…

      Some good ol’ Easter eggs.


Easter eggs do have some connection with Easter (surely?) or otherwise people wouldn’t eat them, right? Please drop a comment if you know! I think Easter is a great excuse for non-religious people to enjoy themselves and indulge themselves in very expensive chocolate. I am all for Easter eggs, however a lot of people say Easter eggs have nothing to do with the resurrection of Christ, and they should not be called ‘Easter’ eggs. I don’t disagree, but nor do I agree with them. I just think Easter should stay the way it is. It is not causing anyone major problems, so it should be left the way it is! I have a lovely double-Decker Easter egg, and I will be sure to eat it before my brother does! Thank you for reading.