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Taste test Free-for-all

7 Apr

So, today my family had a taste test. We were blindfolded, and we had 12 tasters to try and we had to guess the foods. It was quite fun, however slightly unnerving, as to whether my dad would turn evil and feed me poison! The 12 foods were:

1. Tuna Mayonnaise

2. Spiring Onion mini cheddars

3. Raspberries

4. Original Mini Cheddars

5. Olive Tapas

6. Beetroot Salad

7. Smoked Cheese

8. Red Leicester Cheese

9. Babybel Cheese

10. Coleslaw

11. Mustard & Honey Salad Dressing

12. Fish/Seafood Sticks

      The Various foods in foil!

      Me being curious!

It was a good laugh, and great to see the varied reactions of my brother walking back in to the living room after eating olives and beetroot! I really enjoyed it and would definetely recommend everyone to try it! Make sure to follow to never miss a cooking blog from me!