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8 Apr

Now, for religious people, Easter Sunday is all about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus. I’m not sure how all you people over-seas celebrate it, but in the UK most of us buy each other chocolate Easter eggs, and sometimes cards as well. I am all for this, however a growing number of people (especially in the UK) are not religious. I think this means celebrating Easter is becoming totally off the point…

      Some good ol’ Easter eggs.


Easter eggs do have some connection with Easter (surely?) or otherwise people wouldn’t eat them, right? Please drop a comment if you know! I think Easter is a great excuse for non-religious people to enjoy themselves and indulge themselves in very expensive chocolate. I am all for Easter eggs, however a lot of people say Easter eggs have nothing to do with the resurrection of Christ, and they should not be called ‘Easter’ eggs. I don’t disagree, but nor do I agree with them. I just think Easter should stay the way it is. It is not causing anyone major problems, so it should be left the way it is! I have a lovely double-Decker Easter egg, and I will be sure to eat it before my brother does! Thank you for reading.








Taste test Free-for-all

7 Apr

So, today my family had a taste test. We were blindfolded, and we had 12 tasters to try and we had to guess the foods. It was quite fun, however slightly unnerving, as to whether my dad would turn evil and feed me poison! The 12 foods were:

1. Tuna Mayonnaise

2. Spiring Onion mini cheddars

3. Raspberries

4. Original Mini Cheddars

5. Olive Tapas

6. Beetroot Salad

7. Smoked Cheese

8. Red Leicester Cheese

9. Babybel Cheese

10. Coleslaw

11. Mustard & Honey Salad Dressing

12. Fish/Seafood Sticks

      The Various foods in foil!

      Me being curious!

It was a good laugh, and great to see the varied reactions of my brother walking back in to the living room after eating olives and beetroot! I really enjoyed it and would definetely recommend everyone to try it! Make sure to follow to never miss a cooking blog from me!

Being a kid.

7 Apr

Being a kid has been great so far. Being free and able to do as you please, except homework and the dreaded school. I am not sure what to say about school, I neither enjoy it nor do I hate it. It is a good thing to go, so you can earn money and have a good job and a big house (what my parents always say!) The only thing I hate about being a kid is you cannot earn money, all my friends moan too! Even money is not the key to a happy life, the world does not get by without money! However being a kid does have it’s advantages. After school I go down to the local park, trying not to get into any trouble, which I will be honest does not always work! Being a kid, you have much more free time to spend with friends and mucking about generally!

If you guys can remember your childhood, why not comment below your greatest memories?

Hello world!

6 Apr

Welcome readers to my first post and I thought I would list my interests and ideas . Please list the hobby/activity that interests you most in the comment section and I will be sure to look into it! First though, a quick paragraph to introduce myself to you all.

First of all, I am Year 7 (8th Grader). I have just started secondary school, and it has been great fun! I am an intermediate beatboxer, looking to get into competitions across the UK! I have been beatboxing for 7 weeks now, and have posted many tutorials onto YouTube, I will link the videos at the end of the blog! Also a great interest for me is writing books. I am very interested in WWII, consequently leading to some very lectured books! Courtesy of http://happinessstanlives.wordpress.com/   Check him out!

Secondly, something that interests me deeply is being funny. As a life skill, I think everyone should have a sense of humour and know how to be funny. I have been told by many I have that asset. For instance, the cinnamon challenge! If you have ever watched this on YouTube, it is a large selection of people failing to swallow a teaspoon of cinnamon (If you try this you are mad or mad) I am mad (obviously) so have tried and failed many times. All these stupid things gather a huge audience on YouTube, it seem watching people suffer and be idiotic obviously entertains the YouTube community! As you have probably already realised, a big youtube following has always been a dream of mine. I’m not sure why, but entertaining people has always deeply interested me. Now, to finish up as I promised, the three links to my youtube beatboxing tutorials! Thank you for reading guys, please drop a comment and maybe even follow me!